Paul’s Top Tips for selling your home!

dream-home-blog“Presentation is never to be underestimated,” says Joshua Charlesworth, Sales Manager for Bullock & Lees in Bournemouth

Remember if your home is clean and tidy with a home for everything and not too cluttered, even if your home is a little tired and worn around the edges, a prospective buyer is much less likely to notice.

DSC06852Remember, the experience of viewing your home is not about how you live in your home but how they can see themselves living there.

Always avoid unnecessary distractions. Just because you are a pet lover, the person viewing your home may not be and will find it impossible to relax about viewing your home. Likewise, if you have small children at home try and avoid letting them walk around with a prospective buyer, because if the viewer is talking to a little one, they will not be looking properly at what the accommodation can do for them.

The reality is…your home will sell itself…as long as you give it a chance to do so!!

Top Tips

  • Whenever possible, always try and leave space for the viewer to park on your drive.
  • First impressions about what your home looks like from the outside will always set the scene. Think about presentation.
  • Kitchens and bathrooms always need to be presented in a clean and organised fashion as they are probably two of the most important rooms you want to impress a prospective buyer with. Clear and clean work tops, no washing up left out, toilet seats placed in the down position etc.
  • Olin_House_winter09_3190Leave curtains and blinds open. The more natural light the better.
  • Particularly when the rooms are small, think about how much furniture there is and where the furniture is positioned. You will be amazed at how much difference can be made to the feel of room with a little bit of thought.

Winter Month Tips

  • Always have your heating on and working on a timed basis. It does not matter how immaculate your home may be, if it feels like you are walking round a giant fridge, the prospective buyer will struggle to see themselves living there.
  • Always ensure your lights work and that you have the brightest bulbs as possible. If you are using energy saver bulbs, try have them turned on prior to the viewing so that they have reached their maximum brightness.
  • Family_with_new_homeIn the case icy conditions, make sure that the access to your front door is safe under foot.

Just think about this…
the initial offer that a prospective buyer will make is going to be based on their perception of how good or how bad they think the presentation of your home is.


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